Opening Systems

Grecoline offers various opening systems that fit the requirements of any residential or commercial building.

Each system has its own advantages and special characteristics. Our team of specialists and technicians are highly experienced at installing the different types of opening systems and are 100% committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the products and the installation. 

We offer a variety of opening systems including side hung, bottom hung, top hung, tilt and turn and any other custom designed opening. 

Intergrated Blind Systems 6 (Side Hung)

Side hung

Side hung opening systems are classic opening systems that are hinged at the side for easy opening. Side hung systems can be single or double panelled and can open outward or inward depending on the requirements of the customer. Side hung window and door systems allow air to enter the interior space depending on how wide they are opened while enable a view of the outside without any obstruction

Automated Tilt

Bottom Hung

Bottom hung opening systems are hinged at the bottom and are used mainly to let some air in without letting in too much especially on windy and rainy days. This applies to areas where there are sheets of paper and other lightweight items that can be blown away by strong winds or during rains where the water needs to be prevented from entering while still allowing for ventilation. This can also be seen on tops of doors to provide air circulation within the room. These openings open inward. 

Opening Systems 2

Top Hung

Top hung opening systems are hinged at the top and open from the bottom of the frame providing the benefit of not encroaching into any internal space. They are low maintenance opening systems that can be left open during bad weather. They allow for ventilation to enter the room without letting water or dirt in. Top hung windows open outwards.

Opening Systems 3

Tilt and Turn

Tilt and turn opening systems are a combination of a side hung and a bottom hung system. This type of opening combines the best of both worlds and is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. Open it at the side to let in the breeze and see the outside without any obstruction or tilt it inwards on the top to allow for convenient ventilation even on windy or rainy days without unlocking the window or door. This tilt and turn position is less vulnerable to unwelcome access thanks to the high-tech locking mechanism that allows the windows’ opening functions to be restricted for improved safety.