Insect Screens

Grecoline supplies custom-made insect screens for doors and windows made of the highest quality materials.

These innovative insect screens are easy to open and close manually but can also be automated for the hard to reach areas. The frames of the insect screens can be colour matched to compliment the interior of any building including homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals etc. They are environmentally friendly and are an affordable option as they can be attached to an existing window or door opening.

Insect screens help keep out the annoying insects from entering the interior space through the open windows and doors while simultaneously allow for natural ventilation.

Apart from protecting against insects or small pests from entering an interior space, Insect screens allow natural ventilation to filter into the interior space which causes heat to escape from the building during the summer months. This contributes to the natural cooling of the building and therefore reduces or eliminates the need for mechanical cooling aiding in reduced electricity bills. Additionaly leaving windows and doors open, air is circulated which in turn removes stagnant air, odours and pollutants from the interior of the building.

Therefore not only do insect screens keep the unpleasant insects out, they contribute to thermal comfort, human health as well as energy and money saving.