Integrated Blinds System

Grecoline offers clients the option of an impressive shading device – an integrated blinds system.

The blinds are installed within the double glazing of our aluminium windows or doors, completely eliminating the need for curtains. They are also maintenance free as they do not get damaged or covered in dust.

The blinds can be lifted completely for an unobstructed view, or tilted to control the volume of light entering the interior as well as lowered and fully tilted for complete privacy. The system can be manually operated, fully automated with a remote control or a switch placed on the wall or integrated into a home automation system.

Features of the Integrated Blinds System

Our blinds are operated with minimal direct physical effort. The ease of use of the integrated blinds system is particularly useful in homes, offices, and hospitals where the safety and privacy of the people within these buildings is of utmost importance. Integrated blinds are able to provide shade, reduce direct sunlight and heat, and give much needed privacy.

These specialized blinds can offer homeowners and office workers with precise control and customizable adjustments to attain precise light and heat requirements. The integrated blinds are available in a wide range of colours.

Regardless of use in either commercial or in a residential space, it is guaranteed that customers will be delighted with our integrated blind systems that are tailor made to suit their specific needs.