Sliding Systems

Each of the sliding systems offered by Grecoline is modern, durable, secure, thermally efficient and highly weather resistant.

Each of the sliding systems offered by Grecoline is modern, durable, secure, thermally efficient and highly weather resistant.  These systems are made from high quality material, advanced hardware and rollers and have a concealed multipoint locking system in place so that it cannot be easily opened from the outside.  

Sliding systems consist of two or more sliding door panels. These panels are encased in a frame wherein they can slide freely from side to side depending on the design. Some designs have only a single moving panel and a stationary panel while others are built to such that all panels can be moved. The sliding doors come with a choice of double and triple tracks which allow the doors to slide in more than one direction and stack together or separately. Our sliding systems are interlocked and aligned perfectly from the top frame to the bottom frame to ensure smooth sliding movement and easy opening and closing of each sliding panel. 

Grecoline offers a large range of glazing options. The glazing for the sliding systems are manufactured according to the client’s/architects requirements and specifications using double or even triple glazing and can have for example tinted or mirrored glazing to further give the room’s occupants privacy and protection. Additionally, when further insulation is desired, the thermal break technology can be applied optionally which keeps the inside room temperature comfortable despite the outside temperature fluctuations. 

Grecoline’s sliding systems greatly compliment any contemporary-style building or home. By choosing a sliding door system one attains the benefit of larger expanses of glass where the view is not impaired by frame lines when the sliding door is closed therefore providing an unobstructed panoramic view of the outside. Sliding doors are also a good option when space is limited as they do not require room to manoeuvre. Another design feature with our modern sliding system is that a hidden pocket can be created where the sliding doors are inserted into the wall making them disappear from view and creating a complete open wall. Sliding systems can also make the room feel bigger and more spacious when opened completely. Our sliding systems are perfect for homes and offices, they are available in a large variety of powder coated colours, require minimal maintenance and cleaning and are built to last. We at Grecoline are dedicated in ensuring that our sliding systems work perfectly and fit to the exact specifications of any space. Our team of experts guarantee that each sliding door system we install in a building will meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. 

Different types of Sliding Systems