Lift & Slide Systems

Grecoline’s lift and slide systems are used mainly when larger glass panels are required for even larger openings that are therefore heavier than usual sliding panels.

Grecoline’s lift and slide systems are used mainly when larger glass panels are required for even larger openings that are therefore heavier than usual sliding panels. This will thus make it difficult to move them using the traditional sliding system.  

Grecoline’s lift and slide system uses sophisticated and advanced rollers, gearing and lifting mechanisms which support the large and heavy sliding doors and allows them to be pushed open with just a few fingers. The mechanisms used lift the doors slightly above the surface so that they can glide open or closed effortlessly. At the same time the sliding doors can be left partially open in the desired position to allow for ventilation and are locked in place by just turning the handle. When the door is fully closed and locked against the frame, it creates an airtight seal giving extreme weather resistance and sealing. This system also locks from the inside using a multipoint system and once locked the system seals completely on all sides ensuring that water, air, and dust do not penetrate. 

Lift and slide systems usually consist of two or more panels that can have one panel moving while the other remains stationary or all panels moving freely from side to side. Lift and slide systems can be customized to fit any size door while an option for motorized operation is also available.  

Because of its design, this system allows an unobstructed view of the outside. Customers will be able to view the beautiful garden or sunset from the comfort of their den, bedroom, or office space. This kind of system can fit most contemporary homes and offices. They complement modern interiors and exteriors and give homes and offices a more open feel. Beach houses, hotels, and condo units are just some of the places where the lift and slide system is used most often. 

Grecoline’s friendly teams are ready to help customers pick the best window and door design for their home or office. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring that the Lift and Slide System that we install, will work perfectly with any space. 

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