Interior Doors

As part of our interior door range, Grecoline provides a superb range of internal timber soundproof doors.

Our interior door system is not just a door, nor is it merely a sum of its components. It is a fully integrated door system. Grecoline interior door series comprises of a highly unique combination of matching door, frame, architrave and accessories. Each element is specially designed, precisely aligned and carefully integrated to achieve the highest quality product. The doors are sound resistant both internally and at the door-frame interface, whilst providing superior thermal insulation. The client may choose from a variety of designs, patterns as well as finishes. These soundproof doors are also available in standard and bespoke sizes, ensuring that they are suitable for any type of area.

Our interior doors provide an ideal solution in maintaining a quiet atmosphere as sound is prevented from fully passing through on both sides. This is particularly useful when external noise needs to be blocked out or protecting the privacy of those within the area where the door is installed.

These doors provide a perfect solution for homes especially bedrooms and cinema rooms, offices & meeting rooms, schools & educational establishments, leisure facilities & sports halls, conference centres, broadcasting & recording studios, and hotels.

With this great range, and our experienced team of supply and installation experts, we can provide the perfect soundproof door solution for the different areas of applications fulfilling our customer’s requirements.

Interior Doors

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