Curtain Wall Systems

With Grecoline's pioneering aluminium curtain wall systems, a building may be transformed from ordinary to a striking, iconic and innovative building.

These systems used for modern buildings’ facades and atriums, guarantee ideal light flooding into the building, safety, waterproofing, functionalism and great aesthetics while offering direct contact with the natural environment.

Our curtain wall systems may be semi-structural or structural. The frames are fitted with glass allowing for the frame to be visible both on the interior and exterior of the building’s facade or alternatively the customer has the option for large uninterrupted all-glass exteriors with no visible frames. They are manufactured with high specifications and are certified according to European standards. These systems allow for the possibility of projected windows to be inserted and are also available with thermal insulation to aid in the energy efficiency of the building. They comprise of a high resistance grid and the profiles are made to meet all the architectural needs and to accommodate 90 degree angles as well as circular structures with various angles.

The structural curtain wall system is an ideal choice for high performance facades with excellent structural behaviour ensuring high levels of thermal insulation keeping costs to a minimum for heating and cooling, high sound insulation for keeping external noise from being transmitted to the interior of the building, high levels of waterproofing that prevent water and air infiltration, and durability with minimal maintenance.

Our curtain wall systems provide an optimum choice and excellent solution for projects that seek to combine energy efficiency, high aesthetics and design as well as functionality. Our specialized team guarantees that the most suitable solutions are provided for the specific buildings requirements while assures the superior quality of the product and installation.