Aluminium Shutters

Grecolines aluminium shutters can be a great addition to any home or commercial building and serve a few useful purposes. Not only can they add value to your home because of their aesthetic appeal, they are also an excellent weather control device and provide additional security.

South Africa receives ample sunshine each year which makes a home or building feel hot during the summer months. By installing aluminium shutters, the sun can be kept out the building during the day without compromising fresh air circulation while they can also protect doors, windows, and consequently, furniture from the direct sunlight. By keeping out the sun, the interior space remains cool aiding in reducing your energy usage. They also help keep the rain out while allowing some air in for ventilation.

Besides the weather control advantages that the aluminium shutters offer, they can also add an extra layer of security to your home or building as well as help protect your privacy. Shutters can be locked while at the same time allow for ventilation and certain visibility depending on the type of louvres one chooses. An intruder would be discouraged to target a home with securely locked shutters as it would take longer to force entry. Intruders do not want to draw attention to their activities and would require power tools to cut through the locked aluminium shutters.

Aluminium is strong and durable and has one of the greatest strength to weight ratios of any material. As Aluminium shutters are lightweight yet strong, the integrity of the windows and doors remains intact once shutters have been placed as the aluminium retains its strength indefinitely.

Additionally, shutters can add to the aesthetical character of a home or building enhancing the overall design. Grecolines aluminium shutters can be bespoke according to the customer’s preferred colour, size, or style and can be also integrated with an insect screen so bugs can be kept out of your home while allowing air in.

Our aluminium shutters are powder coated and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind and rain without deteriorating or corroding and require a limited amount of maintenance.

If you are looking to keep your home secured without compromising the aesthetics of your building while maintaining good ventilation, shutters are an ideal option.

Different types of shutters

We offer the following various types of exterior shutters: opening or French door shutters, sliding shutters, folding and stacking shutters and rolling shutters.

Opening Shutters

The opening shutter system is manufactured according to the client’s specifications. The louvres may be fixed or adjustable which allow for abundant ventilation and sunlight, while at the same time provide functionality, high durability and safety. These systems can be manufactured in large sizes and may have single, double, triple and quadruple leaf shutters. The shutters comprise of multiple locking points for safety purposes.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are ideal for cavity walls where the shutters slide inside the wall and are no longer visible, leaving an un-obstructed view, or slide along the exterior wall. Once again, a multipoint locking system is implemented for security.

Folding and Stacking Shutters

Folding and stacking shutters are ideal for your folding and stacking doors or sliding doors where space is limited and the shutters may stack away to provide extra space.

All shutter systems come in three types of louvers:

  • Type A fixed ventilation louvers where adequate ventilation penetrates the interior
  • Type B with smaller gaps for less ventilation and visibility
  • Type C adjustable/openable louvres

All systems are secured thanks to the multipoint locking systems used and are fully customizable according to the clients requirements.

Roller Shutters

The roller shutters provided by Grecoline may be manual or automated and controlled with wired or wireless systems. These systems are soundless, durable, and safe. The motorized roller shutters additionally may include intelligent torque motors from Europe that are able to detect any obstruction, allowing the shutter to stop in position upon request. Roller shutters may be fitted within the double wall before the windows and doors are installed for a neat and complete system or may be added to existing windows or doors on the exterior or interior of the walls.

There are various types of louvers for the roller shutters:

  • Louvres with large openings also allow for visibility, ventilation, and sunlight, but do not act as a mosquito barrier.
  • Louvres with small openings for ventilation provide limited visibility and allow limited sunlight to enter your home.
  • Louvers that flip open for ventilation

All the above systems can be adjusted in order to increase or decrease the penetration of ambient light as well as ventilation. They can be fully closed, allowing no light into the interior while closing off the windows and doors for security.