Aluminium Office Partitions

At Grecoline our aluminium office partitions are affordable, convenient, and easy to set up.

Apart from supplying aluminium and glass to residential projects, our company also takes into consideration the special needs that may arise in the construction of professional and commercial establishments.

Form and Function

The partitions are inexpensive, lightweight, and durable. The aluminium frames of these partitions form a gap between the double glazing where the internal space created allows for adjustable blinds to be inserted acting as a form of space compartmentalization or as a shading mechanism. The separators can be filled with glass, wood, panels or a combination depending on preference.

The partitions are available in varying heights. Some aluminium office partitions are full-height ones that can enclose a space whereas half-height ones provide privacy while still allowing for interaction, if needed. The aluminium office partitions have discreet spaces that allow cables, plugs, electrical wires, and other types of wiring to pass through internal pipes so that unsightly wires will be well out of sight, making for an efficient, streamlined working environment. In addition, entrance doors can be placed without interfering with the aesthetics, while switches and sockets may be placed next to the entrance.

Flexibility without Compromising Privacy

The aluminium office partitions are perfect for internal space setups, since they can be installed and removed to compartmentalize or to expand a workspace without depriving anyone of his or her privacy. Its flexible coplanar design lets your architects and engineers have the option to experiment with various layouts to ensure maximum functionality of the space.

Customized according to needs and preferences

What’s more, these aluminium office partitions can be tailor-fitted so that the manufacturing and installation can be done on site. No special tools are required for the installation which means the process is time and cost effective.