About us

Grecoline is a privately owned family company based in Johannesburg, South Africa which was established in 2014. It is amongst the most favoured companies in South Africa and Africa for the supply of high quality European aluminium window and door systems as well as many other products.
Our company is in cooperation with the top certified European companies in the aluminium industry, bringing the best from Europe to your home. Thanks to the wide range of products, customized solutions are easily created for the needs of our clients.

Our company takes pride not only in the provision of exceptional European high-quality aluminium products that meet the uppermost requirements of technology, safety, aesthetics, energy efficiency and comfort, but also in our customer service excellence from the beginning stages up until completion of projects as well as after sales service. Grecoline is committed to fulfilling the requirements of all customers while leaving them with the outmost contentment through our high professionalism, knowledge, reliability, experience and timely services. Our ethos is that our premium quality European aluminium products deserve the same supreme approach to installation and customer service.

Grecoline also focuses on energy efficiency and as such energy efficient solutions are offered by our expert team and engineers for residential and commercial projects. Our energy efficient products aid in lowering the costs of the electricity bills as the energy consumption is reduced.
Our bespoke aluminium systems used are defined by their concealed security, technical accuracy, modern designs and durable materials and are renowned for their high aesthetics as well as functionality.
Should a client require an even more energy efficient product, the use of Grecoline’s thermal break system prevents heat losses and heat gains via the aluminium frame in winter and summer respectively. In addition with the use of suitable glazing, the sound is reduced considerably and the comfort level indoors is improved reducing the costs for heating or cooling. The EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubbers that are used along the aluminium frame completely seal the window preventing any air, as well as water leakage. Additionally, the windows have been designed with embedded sinks which allow the water to escape outwards.
Energy efficiency is reached with the use of double glazing as it is considered a passive energy saving system and also helps minimise your carbon footprint. It adds to the thermal comfort of the occupant while minimising the need for any heaters or air conditioners which subsequently reduce your energy costs.
The two panes of glass are separated by a sealed air gap which acts as an additional layer of insulation. This prevents the heat in winter from escaping the interior keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Likewise in summer, the double glazing prevents unwanted heat entering the home.
In addition, double glazing reduces noise pollution as external sounds between medium to high frequencies such as the human voice or traffic noises are curbed.
Double glazing forms an extra barrier making it difficult and more time consuming to break through rendering it an excellent choice for added security for your home or work.
The high quality aluminium products that we supply are made of durable materials that will fit any type of wall, window, and fixture that requires aluminium products. We make sure that all our products fit beautifully and perfectly with each other. Grecoline can help customers add a touch of modern design into any home or office through our high quality aluminium products.